$1.6B industrial manufacturer


Brand/channel strategy development and implementation: Led a brand / channel strategy development and implementation exercise which consolidated 30+ brands down to four and established clear, focused paths to market using a mixed direct/indirect model.

Value proposition and strategy development: Created a strategy focused on reversing share loss in North America. Strategy elements included: value proposition development, private label strategy, channel strategy / management, pricing.

Sales compensation design: Designed a sales compensation program focused on motivating field personnel to drive value creation for the enterprise as opposed to generating revenue at any cost.

Channel partner rewards program design: Designed a program to reward desired behaviors and outcomes in channel partners (e.g., dealers, distributors).

Sales resource deployment optimization: Designed and implemented a sales deployment optimization program that will enable sales management to focus resources on customers and projects that create the best financial outcomes for the firm.

Cost-to-serve methodology development: Developed a cost-to-serve methodology that provided insight into the organization’s true cost drivers and enabled better pricing and channel strategy decisions.

Sales strategy: Created a sales improvement strategy and program. Key recommendations focused on projects in the people, process and technology areas.

$400MM industrial distributor

Value proposition and strategy development: Conducted detailed customer research to which drop the development of a revised value proposition.

$1.5B beverage importer

Brand extension launch: Co-led the national launch of a new brand extension. Key focus areas included: marketing, sales, supply chain and measurement / reporting.

Sales effectiveness improvement: Led a large-scale sales effectiveness improvement program for a 400 person sales force. Key design and implementation projects include:

· Personnel re-organization (new reporting structure, roles and responsibilities)

· Day-to-day process and tool development

· Employee measurement

· Distributor strategy and management tactics

Marketing transformation: Led a marketing transformation program to re-position marketing department. Key design elements include:

· Personnel re-organization (new reporting structure, roles and responsibilities)

· Day-to-day process and tool development

· Employee measurement

Key Performance Indicator Measurement:  Designed corporate performance measurement system to provide insight on key areas of performance. Primary activites included defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and designing reports.

Sales forecasting process re-design: Redesigned sales forecasting processes to improve accuracy of sales forecasts for use in production planning and financial analysis/reporting.

Supply-chain redesign: Re-organized supply chain function to provide clearer responsibilities and push accountability further down in the organization.

Transitioning packaging to North America: Led an assessment of the feasibility of transitioning packaging operations from overseas to North America.

$100B Computer Manufacturer

Business intelligence organization development: Provided oversight and design expertise to the development of a consumer intelligence organization

Contract management program design: Designed and implemented a cross-division customer contract management program to address the difficulty creating contracts that optimized value for the enterprise as a whole. 

$500MM Consumer food manufacturer

Distribution strategy development: Developed a strategy to transition U.S. business from an indirect sales and distribution model to a direct one 

$1.5B consumer electronics company

Pricing and trade promotion strategy development:  Led a pricing and trade promotion strategy/operations-focused effort to improve bottom line performance by addressing a perceived “lack of pricing power”. Recommendations and actions resulted in $20M bottom line improvement.

$3B European consumer products manufacturer

Sales Force Transformation Implementation: Led the implementation of a Sales Force Transformation project. The project redesigned key sales processes (e.g., contact management, retail audit, order management, trade promotion) and supported them in cutting edge technology. 3600 sales people in 15 countries speaking seven languages were affected.

$18B multi-national tire manufacturer

Pricing tool design and implementation: Managed the design and implementation of a web-based tactical marketing application.

$2B electrical assemblies manufacturer

Pricing capabilities assessment: Led a pricing capabilities planning implementation project to address shrinking margins in a commodity industry.

$28B chemical manufacturer

Marketing and sales effectiveness program design: Managed and led a marketing effectiveness initiative for a division facing product commoditization. The project focused on segmenting the customer base more effectively and deploying marketing and sales resources properly against the new segmentation.

$2B electrical components manufacturer

Pricing operations improvement design and implementation: Led the re-design of pricing structures for 200,000 SKUs. Project work focused on transitioning pricing from being customer-specific to rule-based. Resulting structures enabled the organization to improve margins and reduce pricing maintenance costs.

$5.5B high-tech manufacturer

Sales effectiveness design and implementation: Led a sales effectiveness enhancement effort to design and implement complementary configuration, pricing and compensation schemes powered by a sales force automation application.